Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation

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Administrative Assistant

Kitty Russell

Administrative Assistant

E-mail: mk.russell@outlook.com

Phone: (406) 486-5524

In October 2016, Kitty Russell assumed the role of EPEDC Administrative Assistant. She lives on a ranch with her youngest daughter and family located southeast of Fallon in Prairie County. Her background includes a lifelong commitment to agriculture, as well as working for non-profits and various units of government throughout her career. Her MPA and law program, completed in Idaho, included semesters studying abroad in France and Thailand, as well as field work in Costa Rica.

Kitty operates from a satellite EPEDC office. She also travels throughout EPEDC's five county region to assist Executive Director Beth Epley and to meet stakeholders in EPEDC projects.

She may be contacted by email at MK.Russell@outlook.com or by phone at 406-486-5524.