Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation

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Administrative Assistant

Shari Robertson

Administrative Assistant

E-mail: epedcassistant@outlook.com

Phone: (406) 853-2087

I am a current graduate from Montana State University Northern with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Leadership, and a minor in Criminal Justice. I have maintained honors status through the course of my education which shows my dedication and commitment to gaining superior knowledge beneficial to helping the community. I have gained invaluable management skills including budget analysis, evaluation and research through the years. I have also learned the importance of understanding the culturally diverse communities, and the ethical, moral, and social responsibilities necessary to be a quality leader. I have developed writing and communication skills relevant to successful alliances. These skills will be utilized to observe, listen, and communicate with others in enhancing public relations for community development and economic growth.

My professional and personal backgrounds have proven to be effective in planning and implementing progress for community development in Terry. Besides my educational background, operating and running my own business for close to thirty years has been instrumental in developing my organizational management skills. I have lived and raised two children with my husband in Terry for the past 20 years. My coaching experience has helped to develop my role in thinking critically and communicating effectively in working together as a team and being a positive role model in the community. I am enthusiastic, dedicated, trustworthy, determined, motivated, and hardworking. My positive nature enables me to relate to people of all ages, adapt to change, accept direction, and stand up in the community. I value what I learn, and I cherish being able to make a difference.