Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation

…providing support for a better economy.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation currently includes a representative from six of the seven communities and all five counties, appointed by that government entity. In addition, Southeastern Montana Area Revitalization Team (S.M.A.R.T.), Prairie County Economic Development Council, Wibaux County Chamber of Commerce, and the Montana Department of Labor and Industry each have a representative on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also includes several private sector representatives and one at-large member for a total of 19 Directors.

The Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors contains 19 members representing various local governments and affiliations. The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 elected officials (58%) and 8 non-government representatives (42%), including one at-large member. Currently, 11 men (58%) and 8 women (42%) serve on the Board. Minority representation includes 0 Directors (2%), which is consistent with District percentages. Each Director is assigned one or two areas of interest to represent the district.

Board of Directors

Dennis Zander

Dawson County Commissioner, Chairman

Phone: 406-345-4102

Todd Devlin

Prairie County Commissioner, Vice Chairman

E-mail: devlin@wb.midrivers.com

Darin Miske

Wibaux County Commissioner, Secretary/Treasurer

Phone: 406-796-6481

Steve Rosencranz

Carter County Commissioner


Deb Ranum

Fallon County Commissioner

Phone: 406-778-8152

Other Government Representatives

Kevin Dukart, City of Baker/ (Clerk)
E-mail: cibaker@midrivers.com


Dave Bertelsen, Town of Wibaux/ (Mayor)


Lisa Jourdan, Town of Ekalaka/ (Clerk)


Jodi Miller, Town of Plevna/ (Clerk)


Lynn Schilling, Town of Terry/ (Clerk)


Jerry Jimison, City of Glendive/ (Mayor)

Non-Government Representatives

A. Private Sector Representatives: Any senior management official or executive holding a key decision-making position, with respect to any for-profit enterprise.


Kami Sevier, Stockman Bank - Glendive/ (Commerical Loan Officer)


Lance Kalfell, Kalfell Ranch, Inc./ (Principal)


Mike Quade, Summit National Bank/ (Branch President)


Reenie Pirtz, Mary Kay/ (Independent Sales Director)


B. Stakeholder Organization Representatives: Executive directors of Chambers of Commerce, or representatives of institutions of post-secondary education, workforce development groups, or labor groups.


Michelle Hodges, Wibaux Chamber/ (President)


Amy Deines, Glendive Job Service/ (Manager)
E-mail: lcross@mt.gov


Mona Madler, Baker Chamber/ (Vice President)
E-mail: smartdev@midrivers.com

At-Large Representatives

Parker Powell, Health Care/ (Health Care Administration)